• HOPPECKE is supporting EUROBAT´s campaign "Charge the future"

    EUROBAT has launched the campaign Charge the Future to promote the role of technologically advanced lead batteries in Europe’s clean energy revolution.

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  • The Verbinder - our company magazine since 1973

    Find out what has happened to us in recent years and have a look at the latest issues. Newly Printed: Issue Summer 2019!

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  • The new trak | uplift products from HOPPECKE Batterien

    More transparency and professionalism through more efficient battery management?
    It’s time to get to know the new trak | uplift family, which can help achieve your targets.

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  • HOPPECKE welcomes INTILION GmbH to the group and congratulates them on their launch

    On April 1, 2019, the time had finally come: INTILION GmbH started its business activities in Zwickau and Paderborn and thus took over all activities of the HOPPECKE Group for the new lithium ion storage technology.

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  • trak | ecomizer:

    Contracting Model saves time and money for your core business.
    Our Contracting Model allows us to analyse customer´s requirements.
    And customers pay only for the power consumed!

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HOPPECKE - your expert for industrial batteries & energy storage solutions

HOPPECKE - your expert for industrial batteries & energy storage solutions

Electrical energy is needed everywhere and in more and more applications. In this world where everything becomes electrical, HOPPECKE is the solution partner who understands the customer's needs better than anyone else.

We offer energy storage solutions in the four main application areas of emission-free drives (trak), secured power supply (grid), storage of regenerative energies (sun) and railway- / metro-systems (rail). 

With our Headquarter in Brilon-Hoppecke, Germany and 21 international subsidiaries, we employ more than 2000 people worldwide.
trak | uplift - view details

trak | uplift

If you wish to minimise investment costs and optimally utilise your budget, but also want to use top quality motive power batteries, our trak | uplift batteries are your optimal solution.

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trak | uplift air - view details

trak | uplift air

Upgrade your trak | uplift battery with high quality trak | air components and profit from many benefits such as lower energy and water top-up costs with ultimate battery availability through reduced charging times. 

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trak | uplift save - view details

trak | uplift save

Maintenance costs for conventional lead-acid batteries primarily result from topping up with water, cleaning the surface of the battery and checks for damage. The new trak | uplift save battery reduces these costs with the aid of innovative technolog...

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trak | uplift save⁺ - view details

trak | uplift save⁺

Enclosed in the extremly tough and durable Full Protection Tray with closed cover, the all new trak | uplift save+ provides an optimal protection against external influences and is therefore ideal for use in especially dirty environments.

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trak | uplift iQ - view details

trak | uplift iQ

trak | uplift iQ is the highest configuration level of the new trak | uplift family. It is equipped with trak | collect, the most intelligent battery controller presently available on the market. This unique communication unit for lead-acid batteries...

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trak | intercooler - view details

trak | intercooler

Intercooler battery with air ventilation enabled tray and adapted charging station

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grid | supply - view details

grid | supply

Industrial devices for charging and power supply for lead and nickel-cadmium batteries.



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grid | power V X - view details

grid | power V X

The HOPPECKE grid | power V X is a vented, stationary, lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. A reliable high current capability and the proven design of the HOPPECKE large surface electrode differentiates the grid | power V X. High alloy purity ...

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grid | power V L - view details

grid | power V L

The HOPPECKE grid | power V L is a vented, stationary, lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. A gauntleted positive plate with protective polyester gauntlet ensures that it has a particularly long cycle life. Cyclical use in solar applications or...

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grid | power V H - view details

grid | power V H

Our HOPPECKE grid | power V H battery is typically represented by high current capability through optimised positive flat 3D plates. Although its high resilience is down to pocketed negative plates, which also provides perfect protection against shor...

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grid | power VR M - view details

grid | power VR M

Our grid | power VR M stands for innovative AGM design (grid plates and fleece separator) in a compact form. Its special grid plate design ensures maximum energy density and the container ensures it takes up very little space, thus maximising utilisa...

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grid | aquagen pro - view details

grid | aquagen pro

The patented grid | aquagen pro recombination system for stationary batteries.

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sun | fusebox - view details

sun | fusebox

Battery switch disconnector fuse for protecting and disconnecting the battery installation.

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sun | air - view details

sun | air

Electrolyte recirculation system to minimize the acid stratification of OPzS batteries

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sun | power V L - view details

sun | power V L

A gauntleted positive plate with protective polyester gauntlet ensures that the sun | power V L has a long service life. Cyclical use in solar applications or long load times (small discharges) are typical application fields for the sun | power V L. ...

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sun | power VR M - view details

sun | power VR M

Our HOPPECKE sun | power VR M is a maintenance-free bloc battery based on absorbent glass mat technology (AGM). Its improved electrode design ensures efficient charge current consumption, whilst the integrated flashback inhibition increases operation...

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