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HOPPECKE Asia Pacific Pte Ltd - your expert for industrial batteries & energy storage solutions

HOPPECKE Asia Pacific Pte Ltd - your expert for industrial batteries & energy storage solutions

Our Asia Pacific Headquarter  is located at Singapore and and we are the experts and your reliable partner for energy solutions. We would like to invite you to learn more about our Company and its products through this website.

Since 1927 HOPPECKE focusses on industrial batteries & energy storage solutions. We understand our customers and their applications, providing high quality energy storage solutions designed for safety and availability 24/7. 

Our technical expertise in energy storage solutions covers application areas such as

  • grid application: secured back up power supply batteries for data center, telecommunication, power generation, transmission and substation, railway station infrastructure backup storage batteries, Engine starters and all kind of standby battery applications,
  • sun application: renewable energy storage batteries with high cyclic batteries for off grid,
  • and hybrid systems for solar, wind turbine etc.
  • rail application: special rail batteries for railway- / metro-systems, both for rolling stock and rail infrastructure


Our complete portfolio contains suitable product solutions tailored to our customer’s individual requirements. Please contact us with further questions or technical support for storage application and service  in the Asia Pacific Region.

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