trak | uplift iQ

trak | uplift iQ is a lead-acid energy system based on the new HOPPECKE traction cell with improved active mass composition (Active Carbon Inside). The system also consists of the trak | collect battery controller and can be charged with the trak | charger HF premium high-frequency charger. The special feature of the trak | uplift iQ battery is the Smart Charging function, in which the battery controller is equipped with a special algorithm. This algorithm ensures that the charging of the battery is precisely matched to its current needs. The Smart Charging function ensures minimal water as well as energy consumption by reducing equalizing charges. In addition, faster recharging increases battery availability and effectively reduces life-limiting high temperatures.

The trak | collect battery controller always shows the current status of the battery via an LED display near the battery socket. trak | uplift iQ is "Fleet Ready". This means that the battery can communicate its measurement and status data to the existing infrastructure (e.g. PC, charger and vehicle). This data significantly increases transparency in fleet management.

trak | uplift iQ

Area of Application

  • Industrial trucks
  • Utility vehicles
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Special-purpose vehicles

Product data:

Construction vented - Battery with liquid electrolyte
Series HPzS - HOPPECKE liquid tubular plate
Technology Lead-acid
Performance L - Discharge with low current
Product group Batteries

Norms and standards

  • IEC-EN-DIN-60254-2


Your advantages

  • Lower electricity costs - thanks to Smart Charging function
  • Higher vehicle availability - thanks to faster recharging
  • Longer water refill intervals - due to less overcharging
  • Transparent battery status - thanks to standard battery controller
  • Professionalization of fleet management - through reporting function


Technical documentation

3.3 MB | pdf-file