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Energy storage for the MG11 Hydro from LINSINGER

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Energy storage for the MG11 Hydro from LINSINGER - Thursday, 25.08.2022

Project description

To achieve zero emissions, LINSINGER relies on a fuel cell drive coupled with a lithium-ion energy storage system.
One challenge was a very compact design that would enable the milling train to operate even in the narrowest tunnel tubes. In order to achieve the smallest possible clearance, a powerful and, above all, small-scale lithium energy storage system had to be developed.

In its search for a qualified manufacturer of lithium storage systems, LINSINGER came across INTILION GMBH, a company of the HOPPECKE GROUP.
"We have found our ideal partner for this topic, who not only has solid expertise in the development and production of lithium batteries, but also has the necessary certifications for the rail-bound vehicle sector, such as IRIS certification. In addition, it was decisive for us that INTILION already has extensive experience in the approval of lithium systems," reports Jürgen Binder, Head of Mobile Rail Milling at LINSINGER.
The energy storage system enables the fuel cells to operate evenly. If the fuel cell produces more energy than is needed for operation, the surplus energy is stored. If the energy demand is higher, the storage system supplies the additional energy required.

"To make this possible, we have configured a 666V/92Ah high-voltage lithium system with an energy content of 61kWh together with LINSINGER. The basis of the system is the proven 133V/46Ah high-power module, which can be connected in series and parallel, making voltages of up to 1,000V and energy contents of up to 220kWh (with high-energy modules up to 333kWh) per battery possible. A climate control system (BTMS) ensures that the battery always operates in the optimal temperature range. This is important for safety and service life. "Dominik Huneck, project manager at INTILION, explains.

Philipp Haselsteiner, project manager at LINSINGER has safety in mind first and foremost: "Since the MG11 is mostly used in urban areas and thus often in tunnels, we focused on quality and safety. The high-quality lithium cells, the battery management system with its intelligent safety functions and the emergency smoke gas cleaning system convinced us that we had found the right partner."
The result is also astounding in terms of size. The MG11 Hydro can be transported in a standard 40' sea container and can thus be easily "railroaded" anywhere in the world.

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Key benefits

  • Environmentally friendly due to emission-free electric drive
  • Operational capability even in tight environments
  • Cost optimisation through savings in operating costs>
  • Immediate operational readiness due to battery operation
  • Reduced noise pollution during the working process
  • Extensive know-how in approval and certification
  • Size allows transport in 40-foot containers
  • Environmentally friendly, future-oriented energy supply

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