Production Facilities

14 worldwide production facilities; 5 production facilities producing battery cells, bloc batteries & battery systems, components such as battery chargers & aquagenes: Brilon-Hoppecke, Brilon-Bremecketal, Zwickau, Wuhan, Shanghai - 1 smelter in Germany: Brilon-Hoppecke - 5 bigger assembly facilities: USA, UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy - 3 smaller assembly facilities: France, Netherlands, Poland

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HOPPECKE offers you Turnkey Energy Solutions for on- and offgrid applications. With us, you get consulting, planning, implementation and service from one source.

The use of environmentally friendly electricity generators (e.g. PV, wind or fuel cells) provides best environmentally compatibility and energy independence. Flexible system configurations assure optimal solutions for different applications (e.g. rural electrification, telecommunications). Later changes in the load profile can be incorporated with optional enhancements.

Energy Container represents one possible realization of this concept. All necessary components for energy storage, distribution and control are securely and compactly accommodated in this complete system. Depending on the model, the system also includes additional components, e.g. fuel cells, diesel generators or electrical equipment for individual customer application – everything under one roof!

We offer more than just high quality batteries

Analysis and engineering
System planning, taking both the energy requirements of the customer application and the local conditions into account (generated from wind and/or solar energy).

Energy management
Operational management for best energy output and the greatest life span of all components.

Power conversion
Depending on the customer application, the electrical energy is provided in DC or AC voltage.

Power distribution
The project scope includes the complete energy distribution. No subsequent installationworksarerequired.

Online monitoring
Remote monitoring and control of critical system parameters (via Internet/GSM/GPRS).

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By offering your company direct access to our knowledge and expertise in battery operation, we aim to maximize the effectiveness and safety of your operation while offering equipment to reduce the "whole Life Cost" to your company.

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