Jan Kleinschnittger

I have the energy to ensure peace of mind!

What I love about my job is the way I am able to develop my skills and discover things I did not think I could do before.

"I started at HOPPECKE in production in 2004, and have worked in a range of areas in cell production and commissioning. I then worked in assembly, where I was involved in several interesting projects such as building new systems or replacing existing ones in nuclear power stations. When I decided it was time for a change in my career, I was able to rely on support from HOPPECKE. My managers made it possible for me to "switch sides", as I joined the aftersales team. Here, I took responsibility for planning and allocating assembly jobs for plant technicians and partner companies. I am now working in technical support, which gives me the perfect combination of all the areas in which I was previously active. It is the right mix of sales, telephone customer support and on-site service where required. Here, if you want to develop your skills, you get all the support you need. I was able to gain specific qualifications in the HOPPECKE Academy, which helped me get to my dream job."

Jan Kleinschnittger
Senior service supporter
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I have the energy to make big things happen!

What I love about my job are the new challenges and people I encounter every day. I work in a team where everyone pulls in the same direction and feels valued as a person.

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I have the energy to start a revolution!

What I love about my job is the way it lets me work on smart new ideas. After work, I can switch off surrounded by nature – the perfect work-life balance.

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I have the energy to move heavy loads!

What I love about my job is being able to work on exciting projects all over the world from right here in the German countryside. This makes it easy for me to combine my career and family life.

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