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Technology overview

Technology Pos. electrode Design Electrolyte Applications
Lead-acid Tubular plate sealed GEL/H2SO4 (aq.)
Tubular plate vented H2SO4 (aq.)
Pasted plate sealed AGM/H2SO4 (aq.)
Pasted plate vented H2SO4 (aq.)
Planté plate vented H2SO4 (aq.)
FNC Fibre structure vented KOH (aq.)
NiMH Fibre structure sealed KOH (aq.)
Li-ion Lithium-cobald, Nickel-Mangan oxid gas-proof LiPF6 (org.)
Lithium iron phosphate gas-proof LiPF6 (org.)

We fit individual requirements by choosing the right storage technology together with our customers.