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The intelligent networking method for traction energy solutions that helps our customers attain new goals

HOPPECKE grid | Xtreme

Successful energy ideas can be bought. Or simply rent them

A space-saving miracle

Where electricity is coupled with hope

Hybrid systems in rail transport

When capacities in logistics change quickly, an offer helps reliably and cheaply: More and more companies rent batteries, chargers and accessories or use reconditioned batteries.

Modern businesses are increasingly opting for electrically powered industrial trucks. But where to put the charging stations, the batteries and the chargers?

What we take for granted in Europe is not necessarily something that people in the small African state of Malawi can rely on: we just flick a switch and we have electricity

To make the drive systems in railway vehicles more flexible and environmentally friendly, manufacturers have devoted more time to hybrid drives in recent years. A hybrid system combines the electric power from an overhead line with a battery system.