Energy revolution in practice


Energy revolution in practice - Monday, 25.04.2016

This was the title of a seminar which took place on 19th and 20th April at our premises in Brilon-Hoppecke. 45 experts of the German energy-supply and industry came to participate in the seminar, led by Rolf Werkmeister, Sales Director Power Generation, to discuss the challenges and chances of the climate change and the energy revolution. The core of the seminar was built by experienced expert speakers from the clientele of HOPPECKE batteries, who reported about the current developments in their fields of activity.
The discussion was made up of questions like: How does the train of the future look like? What must be considered when designing sustainable means of transport? How will the airport in Munich create an “emission-neutral growth” until 2020? What is the EU-project “Grow Smarter” about? What is the future of electric mobility in urban transport? Which technologies are best for large energy storages to control the frequencies and network stability? These presentations were framed by two keynote-speakers. Firstly the qualified-meteorologist Sven Ploeger reported, who is familiar to many from the weather forecast in German television. “Climate change – good perspectives for tomorrow?!” was the title of his lecture. Sven Ploeger explained very clearly the difference between climate and weather and that the energy revolution is unavoidable. He said: “If the Chinese copy our energy policy, we were successful”. He substantiated this with figures about the world's current CO2 emissions, in which China, Russia, India and the United States are among the top 10 issuers.
The second guest was Lars Thomsen, one of the most respected futurists. He gave an outlook on the development of energy supply and electric mobility in the next 520 weeks.  During the event there was the possibility to take part in an expertly guided tour of the HOPPECKE battery manufacturing.  With this event HOPPECKE showed once again, that the company looks to the future and faces the challenges of climate change and energy revolution.