Energy Storage Europe: Choose your individual storage solution


Energy Storage Europe: Choose your individual storage solution - Tuesday, 13.02.2018

Goods off the shelf was yesterday. Today, you can put together your own personal muesli mix, software or a car can also come in countless variations on how to put together your own personal product. Why shouldn't this be also possible with large energy storage systems?
There are numerous applications for large-scale storage systems: They can be used for peak-shaving, the balancing of load peaks in companies. In this way, the company saves the expensive expansion of its supply infrastructure. In the growing field of e-mobility, large scale storage systems make it possible to store regeneratively generated energy and to deliver it very quickly and intensively for charging. Large storage systems are also ideal for decentralized intelligent energy solutions. For example, these are residential areas that receive their energy from different regenerative sources and supply the households with it completely.

The bandwidth is large: scalability makes the large scale storage system universal

HOPPECKE offers its large-scale hybrid storage system sun | systemizer from an energy content of 100 kWh. Up to 500 kWh there are various standardized models. This means that less technical planning effort is required, which of course saves costs. On the other hand, the largest HOPPECKE storage system planned so far has an energy capacity of 100 MWh. No matter how big, the available space in the sun | systemizer is always used optimally. This is ensured by a unique rack system that also guarantees trouble-free maintenance.

Lead and lithium technologies can be combined in any desired way

In all storage systems, VRLA lead batteries with ESS technology and lithium batteries can be combined as required. In this way, the best possible and most economical solution for each customer's needs is also created from a technological point of view. When it comes to safeguarding the power grid, for example, the hybrid large-capacity storage unit provides primary control power. It compensates for fluctuations in the power grid. The lithium batteries are responsible for the short-term storage or release of energy and intervene within milliseconds. The lead-acid batteries, which can remain in a semi-charged state for a longer period of time, form the backup.

Hybrid large-scale storage systems all over the world

Last year, Michael Entrup (Managing Director Business Unit Reserve Power) and Frederik Suellwald (Key Account Manager Battery Energy Storage Systems) spoke to pv magazine at the Energy Storage Europe trade fair about the combination of lead and lithium energy storage technologies. HOPPECKE's large-scale hybrid storage system sun | systemizer was completely new at the time. The pilot project at the Brilon-Hoppecke plant site has been securing the European electricity grid since autumn last year. In the meantime, other energy storage systems have been planned in Germany, but also, for example, for large photovoltaic systems in Asia.

Personal consultation and discussions at the Energy Storage Europe trade fair

Matthias Bueter, Jonas Meyer, Frederik Suellwald (picture above) and their colleagues have the right shoe for every foot. The HOPPECKE large storage system can be configured not only in any combination of lead and lithium batteries. Due to the modular design, all individually optimal sizes and capacities are possible from 100 kWh. Whether you are a manufacturing company, e-mobility or supplying residential districts or quarters with renewable energy, we will be happy to advise you at the Energy Storage Europe trade fair (13 to 15 March, Messe Düsseldorf). More Information and your free ticket here