For a secure power supply: RWE and HOPPECKE cooperating


For a secure power supply: RWE and HOPPECKE cooperating - Wednesday, 26.04.2017

Using the new HOPPECKE large-scale energy storage system with hybrid technology sun | systemizer, RWE Supply & Trading will guarantee an even more secure power supply. The companies will cooperate, the hybrid storage system will be connected to the grid in july.
RWE Supply & Trading is a leading European energy trading house and the interface between the RWE Group's operating companies and global wholesale markets for energy and energy-related raw materials in both their physical and/or derivative forms. The utility frequency of the current in our power grid should always be 50 Hz. Major variations could damage electrical equipment or - at worst - result in a complete power failure or blackout. In practice, however, there are regular frequency and voltage fluctuations in the grid, which are also balanced out with large energy storage systems.
As RWE Supply & Trading has a constantly growing demand for larger and more powerful energy storage systems, the HOPPECKE hybrid technology will be a perfect match. The sun | systemizer combines VRLA batteries with ESS technology and lithium-ion batteries. This results in an optimal constellation of cost and space requirements as well as short-term and long-term energy output and input. Picture: F. Süllwald (HOPPECKE Projektmanager), Dr. Spiecker (RWE Supply & Trading), R. Werkmeister (Sales Director Power Generation HOPPECKE), Dr. M. Zoellner (CEO HOPPECKE)