HOPPECKE is supporting EUROBAT´s campaign "Charge the future"


HOPPECKE is supporting EUROBAT´s campaign "Charge the future" - Thursday, 10.10.2019

EUROBAT has launched the campaign Charge the Future promoting the role of technologically advanced lead batteries in Europe’s clean energy revolution.HOPPECKE is a part of this campaign!

Together with the International Lead Association, EUROBAT has launched a Europe-wide campaign. The campaign, entitled Charge the future, aims to show how lead-acid batteries and manufacturers of lead-acid batteries support Europe's plan to be climate-neutral by 2050.
HOPPECKE has an important role to fulfil here. Recently appointed President of EUROBAT, HOPPECKE CEO Dr. Marc Zoellner states: “Europe urgently needs the development of a real battery industrial strategy. [...] We must grasp the opportunity to build on the foundation of Europe´s lead battery value chain and strengthen our battery manufacturing capability making Europe a world-leader in green battery technologies.”

According to EUROBAT, lead-acid batteries represent an important basis for a new European economic model in five important areas: Innovation, Industrial Growth, Clean Mobility, Clean Energy and Circular Economy.

Learn more about the campaign here.