Results website visitor survey and prize competition


Results website visitor survey and prize competition - Thursday, 11.02.2016

As part of the project  „website visitor survey“ we have asked you to participate in our website survey. We are pleased that numerous customers, partners, colleagues and interested readers have participated in our online survey. It is aimed at both providing our website with a fresh design and significantly improving the functionality and user-friendliness. The responses have been evaluated, and as conclusion we can note the following:
The TOP 3 visitors of our Website:

  • End users of our products
  • HOPPECKE employees
  • OEM / retailers

The TOP 3 reasons for visiting our Website:

  • Search for product information
  • Search for products
  • Search for general information about our company

The TOP 3 expectations to contents of a product/service presentation:

  • Product descriptions / properties
  • Technical documentation
  • Downloads

Among all participants we have raffeled an Apple iPad Air 2 and the lucky winner is Ramon Ugarte. He is working as Business Development Director at dutt Power Electronics & Control.

Since 1996 the Spanish company  supplies adapted electronics to companies with control and power electronic needs. For OEMS and integrators Dutt is for instance developing an hybrid converter for energy storage applications (Peak Shaving, Demand Response) in industry and commercial buildings. In this regard,  Mr. Ugarte  was looking fort he appropriate battery storage solution for a R&D project on the HOPPECKE Website. In this way  he got to know from our competition.  
We would like to wish Mr. Ugarte much enjoyment with his new Apple iPad!