The Indian Ambassador visits Hoppecke


The Indian Ambassador visits Hoppecke - Wednesday, 01.06.2016

Through an invitation from Dirk Wiese (member of the Bundestag for HSK), who is responsible for the German-Indian parliamentarians circle in Berlin, we welcomed the Indian Ambassador and his wife with us in Hoppecke.

India is with 1.35 billion people the second most populous country in the World behind China and the Ambassador is a man of influence.

Particularly by the influence of the ruling Prime Minister Modi, the relations with Europe an mainly with Germany are currently intensifying.

In addition to productive discussions about important energy topics, Dr. Zoellner and Mr. Entrup explained the Hoppecke history and philosophy to the Ambassador Gurjit Singh and Mrs. Neeru Singh. In the product exhibition, the visitors were able to experience our products, systems and solutions in depth.

The Ambassador was very impressed of our company and provides us good opportunities in the Indian market. He will support our business in India.

The visit to our factory is a special honor.