trak | ecomizer: SMOOTH AND EFFECTIVE

  • trak | ecomizer: SMOOTH AND EFFECTIVE - Thursday, 13.12.2018
  • trak | ecomizer: SMOOTH AND EFFECTIVE - Thursday, 13.12.2018

Contracting Model saves time and money for your core business

Our solution for customers who are entirely focused on their core business: the trak | ecomizer! Our Contracting Model allows us to analyse customers' requirements.

For instance, a project to switch to electrically powered forklift trucks involves choosing the right technology, calculating the procurement costs for batteries and chargers, then designing and setting up the charging stations, as well as training the operators and maintenance teams to handle the new system. Opting for the Contracting Model means that the customer does not need to worry about planning or procuring equipment, and we even look after servicing and ensure that a constant efficiency analysis is implemented. This achieves greater flexibility together with improved reliability: the relevant performance indicators are made available for optimised logistics. The customer saves cash by being able to work more efficiently and by benefiting from our professional advice. Furthermore, the customer saves time to concentrate on core business activities.

A price per energy unit is determined on the basis of the expected monthly energy consumption. Any fluctuations in demand are offset by a flexible arrangement where additional batteries are provided or removed to ensure efficient operation at all times. The customer subscribing to the Contracting Model only ever pays for monthly consumption, so costs will be lower during quieter months.


The following example reflects the popular demand for such a model:Over four years ago an international drinks manufacturer decided to convert a fleet of forklift trucks in the production and logistics sections. Gas and diesel engines were to be superseded by electrically powered forklift trucks to reduce emissions and costs. Since the company did not possess in-house expertise in the areas of electromobility, maintenance, care and infrastructure, the drinks manufacturer opted for the trak | ecomizer full-service model and has been very satisfied with it ever since. HOPPECKE looks after everything associated with the batteries for the electric forklift trucks, from providing the batteries and charging infrastructure, care and maintenance to optimised fleet management. The major benefits from the customer's perspective are the freedom to focus on the company's core business, consumption-based billing and full flexibility to cope with peak demand.

The customer has now implemented the Ecomizer solution at further production facilities: a clear statement of satisfaction.

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