Vienna State Opera: Carefree performances with HOPPECKE Batteries


Vienna State Opera: Carefree performances with HOPPECKE Batteries - Wednesday, 07.03.2018

The Vienna State Opera is one of the world's leading opera houses. About 300 days a year there are about 50 different performances. This range of performances is outstanding in the international arena. The Opera offers a total of 2900 seats. HOPPECKE batteries ensure that artists and spectators are not in the dark.

Emergency power supply by long-life batteries

Our batteries secure the power supply in various fields of application. In the event of a power failure, our energy storage systems immediately deliver electricity in hospitals, computer centres or railway relay houses. Our batteries also ensure the power supply in the Vienna State Opera House. Three different types of batteries are used, all stationary lead-acid batteries. The OPzS batteries have a very high expected service life. Our Ogi bloc batteries also have a very long service life. The installation is supplemented by 30 batteries of the sealed lead-acid battery power. com XC. Thanks to the innovative Gel-ESS technology used here, these lead-acid batteries are maintenance-free and never need to be refilled with water. All three types of batteries used in the Vienna State Opera are particularly suitable for emergency power supply, where it is important to keep energy available for a very long period of time without releasing it. Fortunately, power cuts or other emergencies are rare.

Conversion of the Vienna State Opera had to be accomplished in a very short time

The special challenge of the Vienna State Opera project was that only a very short time frame was available for the reconstruction. Since performances are held on about 300 days a year and rehearsals are also taking place, all the works had to go on stage during the very short summer break in 2017. The project was implemented by ABatt, which has been wholly owned by the HOPPECKE Group since 2017. Project manager Peter Zofall concludes:"Accurate delivery, rapid installation as well as professional installation and commissioning by our own service department were the decisive factors for this successfully implemented customer assignment. The remaining service life of the batteries used is 15 to 20 years. In addition to the Vienna State Opera, they operate in areas such as telecommunications, mobile phone stations, IT and security lighting. Learn more about our energy storage solutions for a secure power supply.