Battery Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of your battery system is indispensable for the required reliability and longevity of the product. In addition to a general visual assessment of the system, regular cleaning of the battery is necessary to ensure availability and compliance with accident prevention regulations. In addition, liquid electrolyte is used in closed lead-acid batteries, so hydrogen and oxygen gas are produced due to the constant decomposition of water. The "used" water must be refilled from time to time.

Battery Maintenance

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    Your advantages

    • Optical inspection of the energy system
    • Cleaning the battery surface
    • Topping up cells with distilled water
    • Compliance with applicable DIN standards
    • Safety for human, environment and machine
    • Maximization of product life
    • Immediate error identification to prevent system failures
    • Reduction of life cycle costs
    • Plannable costs, low financial risk
    • Proof of warranty claims
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