grid | power V L bloc

The HOPPECKE grid | power V L battery is a vented, stationary, lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. Its design with positive tubular plates and all-round protection of the active mass by woven polyester gauntlets ensures extremely high resilience. Our grid | power V L batteries are therefore ideal for use in areas with high charge and discharge loads, such as solar applications, or for long hold times in areas such as telecommunications and security lighting.

The impact- resistant and highly translucent PP housing is extremely resistant to common cleaning agents and enables convenient monitoring of the electrolyte level. Both the easy-to-clean surface and the level battery cover with integrated handle ensure easy handling.

Product design to DIN 40736 ensures highest level of compatibility when replacing existing equipment and for integration with the extension of existing battery systems. The grid | power V L battery stands for extremely long resilience due to its innovative structure – made by HOPPECKE.

Combination with the HOPPECKE grid | aquagen recombination system lengthens the interval between water refills almost to the point where no maintenance is required, thus significantly reducing operating costs.

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  • Very long cycle life
  • Excellent durability
  • Simple assembly and installation
  • Increased short-circuit protection already during installation through the use of HOPPECKE system connectors
  • Extremely extended water refill intervals up to maintenance-free operation

Product data

Construction vented
Series OPzS
Technology Lead-acid
Performance L
Product group power-line

Norms and standards

  • DIN-40737-3
  • IEC-60896-11

Typical areas of application:

  • Emergency power supply (UPS)
  • Switchgear
  • Power plants
  • Village power supply
  • Home storage


Accessories & options

grid | aquagen pro - view details

grid | aquagen pro

The patented grid | aquagen pro recombination system for stationary batteries.

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