rail | power FNC VC

rail | power FNC VC

Compact FNC® line of products with energy density for use where space is restricted

Gas- and electrolyte-tight terminals as well as the integrated backfire protection assure an optimal operational safety. The use of HOPPECKE system connectors, which in the assembly stage already provide increased short- circuit security, contribute to this. The plastic-insulated lead-poles contain brass inlets and thus assure the good high-current capability.

The batteries are built in cases of stable polypropylene or ABS. They are resistant against shock and vibration stress, which are well beyond the relevant requirements for rail batteries.

Your benefits

  • Lower charging voltage
  • For all train and mass transport applications calling for maximum performance and capacity
  • Offering all of the benefits of FNC VA technology plus:

    • Energy density boosted once again at minimum weight