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Chargers for vented lead-acid traction batteries

B-F15 FS Chargers are automatic chargers that guarantee safe full charging of lead-acid traction batteries. They enable quick and controlled charging of the battery according to the customer requirements and have firmly defined charge characteristics per ZVEI information leaflet “charger classification for vented lead-acid traction batteries”. The chargers are modularly designed and thus service friendly, increasing the flexibility of the user. They start the charge process with a time delay after battery connection and turning on of the charge process and are provided with safety interruptions up to 2.4 volts/cell. Time-controlled interruptions are also implemented.

The microprocessor-controlled charge electronic monitors the charging process fully automatically. The charging time is automatically adjusted to the depth of discharge from the battery. During longer rest times, the battery is kept on standby with automatic refresh charges. In case of a fault, the battery and the charger are protected by superior safety disconnects. The charge electronics detect slightly sulfated batteries and charge these completely by conditioning charge.

Your benefits
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Tested according to the "Quality requirements on chargers for lead-acid traction batteries from HOPPECKE"
  • May be used, to a certain extent, for various battery capacities by means of defined disconnect criteria du/dt (may be used in shift operation with up to 8 hours of charge time)
  • ZVEI-compliant with regard to the safety disconnect and characteristics
  • Lower charge current changes during mains power fluctuations compared to Wa-chargers, since the charge response curve is "steeper"
  • Optimum gassing current with minimum assignments up to 12.5 A/100 Ah
  • Charge switch off criteria is independent of battery age and manufacturer
  • Assignments to battery capacity independent of charge times. In the futures, the decision between Wa and WoWa is no longer necessary.
  • Wall-mounting provided for table units T82/83
  • Robust industrial design
  • Easy to use