trak | com IP

trak | com IP

Monitoring and communication systems for more safety, transparency and flexibility

The trak | com modules are installed directly and permanently on top of the cell and collect battery relevant parameters. This data is either stored or else transmitted in broadcast operation to a charger. The collected parameters are:

  • Serial number
  • Battery type and technology
  • Charging characteristics
  • Nominal capacity (C5)
  • Nominal voltage
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery temperature
  • Electrolyte level
Your benefits
Typical applications
  • Transparency
  • Simplified administration
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Asset Protection
  • Efficient administration of the battery parks
  • First-class planning instrument
  • Low invest costs solution
  • Enhanced operation safety
  • Easy operation and reading




Optimum application for parks of batteries and industrial trucks

  • “Chaos charging” of all battery voltages and capacities
  • Applicable for rental batteries systems incl. chargers as monitoring system for flexible financing
  • Optimum application for batteries, which are used on several sites