trak | monitor advanced

trak | monitor advanced

Intelligent charging station management system

In addition to the charging place allocation function, trak | monitor advanced has innovative extra functions which provide a sophisticated planning instrument.

With the control unit connected, a graphic user interface gives you easy access to current status information and the stored data. The data report records usage and charging times of the batteries as well as events occur in the operative application on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as specified by you. With this information incorrect use of batteries may be investigated and necessary remedial action initiated.

trak | monitor advanced may be upgraded to trak | monitor premium. This gives you greater flexibility and the opportunity to adapt the trak | monitor system to your current operating situation quickly and at any time.

Your benefits

  • Administration of large battery pools

    • With trak | monitor advanced you can manage up to 200 chargers and 10 battery pools.

  • Prompt detection of faults

    • trak | monitor advanced provides for prompt detection of faults, which it reports to a responsible person by SMS or email. This early warning system guards against possible damage in the battery charging station.

  • Central system control and great flexibility

    • Recorded data may be retrieved centrally at the charging station, in your office (via LAN connection) or at any desired location via the internet.