trak | monitor premium

trak | monitor premium

Comprehensive fleet, charging room and energy management system

Rapidly changing markets and strong competition present you with the challenge of constant reliability and efficiency in your internal operations such as conveying from A to B, stacking and order-picking. Higher energy costs and increased public awareness of environmental issues are also changing the framework conditions for internal logistics operations.

The traction battery, as the sole energy source for your electrically powered vehicles, is of critical importance for the efficiency and competitiveness of your internal logistics processes.

Using our charging station management systems you control not only the batteries and chargers but also your battery charging room and your energy requirements. You have a constant overview of your charging station.

With the trak | monitor premium systems we provide for enhanced operational safety and the efficient use of both your battery pool and your charging station. Our systems are based on the very latest technology and are at the same time very easy to use. trak | monitor is optimally matched to HOPPECKE trak | chargers but is also compatible with all other brands of charger.

trak | monitor premium fleet
trak | monitor premium room
trak | monitor premium energy
  • As required by the customer, industrial truck data are fed into trak | monitor, allowing conclusions to be reached on utilisation of the fleet. The charging station management system of trak | monitor premium fleet becomes an effective fleet management system. The recorded data show how vehicles operate in relation to batteries, trucks and also battery changing.

  • Fleet management

    • Driver- or vehicle-based request to the system, followed by allocation of the optimal correct battery to the vehicle.

  • Cost allocation system
    • The analysis of consumption data forms the basis for flexible internal cost allocation and external charging for services.
  • In conjunction with HOPPECKE battery monitoring an assignment of batteries to vehicle may be made and an invoicing of power supplied may be generated for the vehicle concerned.
  • trak | monitor premium room monitors and controls the battery charging room.


  • What is more, trak | monitor premium room controls battery room ventilation according to need. Fan output is matched to the number of chargers in operation at the same time. In addition, charging is automatically interrupted in critical situations, such as for example if the ventilation fails or the sprinkler system starts up. trak | monitor premium room therefore makes a major contribution to reducing heating and power costs, as well as increasing safety in the battery charging room.


  • This comprehensive system also includes access management, which may be linked to an active light control unit. The access management works in combination with trak | monitor premium fleet optimally.


  • The quality of refilling water is critical for the functioning and life of the battery. Refilling with impure water can cause irreparable damage to a battery. To ensure this does not happen, trak | monitor premium room is linked to the water purification system. It sends a prompt alarm signal by SMS or email when the regeneration cartridge needs to be changed.

  • Lower operating costs, in particular heating and power costs

    • through active control of charging room ventilation

  • Enahnced operational safety

    • through prompt warning of malfunction in the water treatment system, or shutdown of charging in critical situations. Only authorised persons are allowed access.

  • Industrial trucks are besides IT-technology and lighting the main users of energy in logistics centres. With trak | monitor premium energy we ensure that your energy costs do not get out of control. On reaching the set maximum rating, charging is interrupted until the charger can be switched back on again without exceeding the maximum figure.
    At the same time, trak | monitor premium energy is able to control battery charging so that it takes place only at off-peak periods or at times of the day when energy prices are at their most favourable.
    Talk to us: we will work together to find the best solution for you.

  • Reduced power consumption and costs

    • through energy management

  • Load peak management in the charging station

    • by moving peak loads to off-peak periods