trak | power premium charge

trak | power premium charge

Innovative charging technology ”Made in Germany”

High availability of the trak | air, trak | eco and trak | fnc battery systems is enhanced to maximum effect through use of trak | power premium charge.

The high-frequency technology used here permits a compact design with optional wall mounting to save space. In combination with HOPPECKE BIM (Battery Identification Module), multi-capacity and multi-voltage capability is obtained. This means that different batteries with varying voltage and capacity may be charged by a single charging unit.

HOPPECKE trak | power premium charge units thus offer maximum reliability combined with high performance for all applications and battery systems. Through our modular structure for both capacity and accessories, our systems may be individually tailored to your investment budget.

Your benefits
Typical applications
  • Soft and optimal charging in the trak | air, trak | eco, trak | fnc system
  • Energy-saving of around 10% every time you charge, as compared with conventional chargers
  • Great flexibility for enhancing performance and retrofitting of accessories
  • Efficient system management
  • Easy to read
  • Quick and reliable information on remaining charging time
  • Stores data for the last 200 cycles
  • Delayed start of charging allows even utilisation of mains power (e. g. after mains power failure)
  • Possible to make use of cheaper off-peak electricity supply through programmable switch-on facility and weekly program
  • Audible signal indicates incorrect battery electrolyte-level
  • Multi-shift operation 24/7
  • Complete quick charge down to 5 hours
  • Extreme applications (e. g. in areas close-up to cool stores
  • All Motive Power battery technologies and automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)