trak | uplift iQ - The smart energy system

trak | uplift iQ

The smart energy system

The trak | uplift air is the second level of our new battery line:

Save money by significantly reducing energy consumption during operation. The trak | air electrolyte circulation ensures a general extension of the battery life.

trak | uplift iQ is the highest configuration level of the new trak | uplift family. It is equipped with trak | collect, the most intelligent battery controller presently available on the market. This unique communication unit for lead-acid batteries measures all the relevant data and provides it in a network.

The highest possible energy efficiency is achieved by combining the new trak | uplift iQ with a trak | charger HF premium with adaptive charging curve. The Smart Charging function ensures minimum consumption of water and energy and is therefore especially investment-friendly.

With the aid of the Advice Satellite you always have the current battery status in view. This small measuring unit is connected to the base and shows the battery state with LED. It gives visual signals such as prompts for servicing to increase vehicle availability and operating reliability.

trak | uplift iQ is Fleet Ready. This means that it communicates with the battery environment (e.g. charger, PC and vehicle) and transfers battery data. These data help to professionalise both battery and fleet management.

The Pro Reporting function of trak | uplift iQ generates usage analyses which are saved by the battery for local reports or are communicated in a web-based remote monitoring system for the planning 1and efficient controlling of logistic processes. With up to five communication interfaces the options for use are extremely versatile.

This contributes to improved economy.

The advantages