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The HOPPECKE trak | Xchange TU battery changing carts are suitable for small batteries from 12 V to 24 V. They were developed specifically for electric lift trucks and low-lift order pickers with horizontal battery changing based on rollers.
Take advantage of the benefits offered by the trak | Xchange TU, which is equipped with a double roller bed, enabling quick battery changing. All trak | Xchange TU systems run on floor-mounted guide rails, which makes them easy to move. In addition, the safe transport of the battery is ensured via a locking mechanism.

The trak | Xchange TU-PT variant is equipped with a special lifting mechanism that enables a height adjustment range of 110 mm. 
The trak | Xchange TU-HY features a hydraulic height adjustment device. Thanks to the large adjustment range, the trak | Xchange TU-HY can be used to change 12-V to 48-V batteries for all vehicle types and at all battery change heights. The system compensates for worn vehicle tyres by adjusting the height of the roller bed.

trak | Xchange
The advantages
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  • Low space requirement due to guide rails and smooth-running rollers
  • Long service life, thanks to stable design, leads to increased economic efficiency of the system
  • Low effort thanks to the right type for every application
  • Optimum vehicle availability thanks to fast and safe battery replacement

Product data

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Product group system

Norms and standards

  • EG-2006-42-EG
  • VdS-2259
  • DIN-EN-IEC-62485-3

Typical areas of application:

  • Industrial trucks
  • others
  • Lifting platforms
  • Cold storage




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