Get connected: HOPPECKE at the ees Europe 2019 in Munich


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Get connected: HOPPECKE at the ees Europe 2019 in Munich - Monday, 13.05.2019

The smarter E Europe fair will open its doors in Munich in mid-May. HOPPECKE will also be there as part of ees Europe and will present its highlights at the international trade fair for batteries and energy storage systems. This year, HOPPECKE will be presenting future-proof solutions for the storage of renewable energies and innovative battery technologies, such as the new systemizer scalebloc and the systemizer scalecube. The energy storage systemizer scalebloc is versatile in its fields of application and offers its users low acquisition and total operating costs with a short payback period. The energy solution meets both complex and standardised requirements and closes the gap between home and large storage systems.

The systemizer scalecube will also be part of the trade fair presentation, which can be set up and expanded as a modular high-performance hybrid large storage system according to customer requirements. It combines the two storage technologies lead and lithium in order to use the advantages of the respective technology for the storage and release of energy.
HOPPECKE is a pioneer in the important field of fire protection in lithium-ion technology. Visitors and customers can find out more about the unique solution developed by HOPPECKE, protect. The fire protection solution protects each lithium module of a battery individually in the event of a fire and thus limits its spread. Toxic gases cannot be ignited thanks to a special degassing technology.
However, HOPPECKE will not only be presenting its products in Hall B1, Stand 460. With effect from 1 April 2019, the new brand in the HOPPECKE Group, INTILION GmbH, has taken up its activities. INTILION GmbH will take over the entire lithium-ion business and bundle the competences in a modern and agile company. The fair will thus be a kind of handover of HOPPECKE to INTILION, because colleagues from INTILION will be present at ees and are looking forward to all interested visitors. And best of all, all contact persons and colleagues who already know the customers of HOPPECKE will also be present at INTILION. Thus nothing changes for the customer, except for the name INTILION GmbH and the associated new spirit of the company. INITLION is primarily intended to strengthen customer loyalty and improve agility. 
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