HOPPECKE and Weidemann to present new eHoftrac at Eurotier


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HOPPECKE and Weidemann to present new eHoftrac at Eurotier - Friday, 04.11.2016

HOPPECKE will exhibit at the Eurotier trade fair for the first time this year, breaking new ground in the agriculture and livestock sector. The battery specialists will appear with cooperation partners Weidemann, who will be presenting their new, electrically driven eHoftrac. Powered by new technology from HOPPECKE, it will be available from the beginning of 2017.
"We are very happy to have a capable partner in HOPPECKE for our electrically powered eHoftrac. We see huge potential for zero-emission Hoftracs in the agriculture and livestock sector. But the eHoftrac has to be powerful and maintenance friendly enough to convince our customers that it is up to the rigours of day-to-day use. HOPPECKE's expertise in development and production will be of huge benefit to us here", explains Bernd Apfelbeck, Managing Director of Weidemann GmbH.
Since 2007, Weidemann has operated one of Europe's most modern production facilities for wheeled and telescopic loaders in Korbach in central Germany. Featuring a compact design with low centre of gravity, along with a small turning circle and high power, the Hoftrac has been one of the most popular commercial vehicles among agricultural and livestock businesses for years.
At Eurotier, Weidemann will present the new eHoftrac. As electric drive technology is still relatively new in commercial vehicles in this sector, the aim is to present the technology to both industry specialists and potential users. The event will provide the opportunity to answer all questions related to the vehicle, technology and potential uses.
HOPPECKE's maintenance-free trak | systemizer dynamics batteries make the new eHoftracs from Weidemann suitable for day-to-day use. The batteries are sealed and will not leak should the wheeled loader topple. The batteries can be easily charged using a common plug socket. They provide constant power even in very warm or cold weather, and last for a full working day for most applications.
Eurotier is the world's largest trade fair for livestock and animal husbandry. The event is currently held every two years in Hanover, and has taken place since 1993. Around 150,000 industry specialists are expected to attend between the 15th and 18th of November.

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