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HOPPECKE focuses on sustainability partnership with Lhoist-Kalkwerk

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HOPPECKE focuses on sustainability partnership with Lhoist-Kalkwerk - Tuesday, 21.02.2023

Together with our long-standing supplier Lhoist-Kalkwerk, we have been able to take a further step towards sustainability in recent weeks. Since recently, Metallhütte HOPPECKE has been using the new climate-neutral LEVEL|BLUE® product line from the neighbouring lime producer Lhoist. Lime products are used in the desulphurisation of flue gases which are produced during the recycling of lead batteries.

"In the interests of the environment, we at HOPPECKE are doing everything we can to make our supply chains sustainable and to constantly optimise ourselves," explains Torsten Arndt, Head of Central Purchasing at HOPPECKE Group. "The decarbonisation of our supply chain also plays a major role in this. We are pleased and delighted to have Lhoist as a partner in the lime sector and, above all, a direct neighbour who supports us on this path."

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