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National Battery Day 2021


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National Battery Day 2021 - Thursday, 18.02.2021
National Battery Day 2021 - Thursday, 18.02.2021

We have increasing numbers of devices that are electrically powered and electronically controlled. All automation is dependent on electricity. The same applies to building services management, air conditioning as well as facilities such as hospitals or clinics, and much more. Processes are digitised, devices are networked. Electricity is essential to make this work as well.


In this world where so much is becoming electrical and digital, lead-acid batteries make a significant contribution to the energy supply of industry and society.


On this National Battery Day, take a short rest to watch the video "Lead-acid batteries power the world" and become aware of the large areas of applications for lead-acid batteries. By the way, this is only a brief sample of the various application areas in which lead-acid batteries are used.


 Watch the video here: