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Onboarding at HOPPECKE

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Onboarding at HOPPECKE - Monday, 08.03.2021

Michael, our new Sales Manager Motive Power, reports on his onboarding at HOPPECKE! The highlight: a three-day "internship" in production.

"As part of my induction as the new Sales Manager Motive Power for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania; Brandenburg; Berlin; Saxony; Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, I completed an "internship in production" at HOPPECKE.

At this point I would like to share with you my valuable experiences and my impressions. It was three exciting days full of experience in the area of Motive Power production. It was a great opportunity for me to better understand the manufacturing processes, to gain a detailed insight into HOPPECKE products and to strengthen the cooperation with my colleagues in the factory. 

After I had arranged the appointment with the production manager at the end of January and received the appropriate work clothes, my internship started on 22nd February at 07:45. On site, I was provided with safety equipment and instructed on occupational safety.

After a tour of the plant, I was allowed to get to know the team as well as the processes involved in cell installation. The colleagues on site introduced me to the secrets of installing and connecting cells, so that I was already able to successfully assemble my own battery on the second day.

In the middle of the second day of my internship, I moved to the special assembly area. Here, with the help of the various special batteries, it was explained in detail how to assemble the Aqua-Fill (water refill system) and trak|air, the various blinky (electrolyte level indicator) and socket systems. Due to the very well imparted knowledge, I was allowed to work independently on the third and last day.

These three days went by much too quickly. They gave me a very good insight into battery production and made me familiar with our products. I also got to know the employees who manufacture these products every day.

I would like to thank the plant management, the production management, the team leaders and my apprenticeship supervisors for allowing me to do this internship, even under difficult Corona conditions".


Michael, Sales Manager Motive Power

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