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Successful energy ideas can be bought or rented


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Successful energy ideas can be bought or rented - Friday, 10.01.2020
Successful energy ideas can be bought or rented - Friday, 10.01.2020

When capacities in logistics change quickly, an offer helps reliably and cheaply: More and more companies rent batteries, chargers and accessories or use reconditioned batteries.

Business people know: There have been times when the economic climate was much more relaxed and you could plan for the long term. Nowadays, a weakening economy and many uncertainties ensure that investments are more restrained and many a budget is smaller. But one thing is particularly important in times like these: those who minimize their risks and use their budget wisely will continue to be there when good business is done.

Renting is the new buying

No wonder that an insight wins more and more friends: Why buy when you can rent? Whether mobile phone, car, e-bike or tools and machinery - renting has increasingly become the new way of buying. And for those who have to and want to protect their company's cash flow and also want to do something for the environment, the processing and repair of used batteries, the so-called refurbishment, offers further interesting alternatives to the classic new purchase.

Advantages that convince everyone. Even your accounting department

The advantages are many and varied: Those who rent their batteries and chargers can react quickly and thus create more scope for financial investments in their actual core business. By opting for such an energy solution, companies not only profit from the fair prices offered by HOPPECKE - we also take care of all wear-and-tear repairs that may be necessary for the entire rental period. In this way you avoid consequential costs and are prepared at all times for changes - for instance if the seasonal business develops differently from what was originally anticipated. Say goodbye to dead capital and simply rent exactly when there is a real need. By the way: the large portfolio that HOPPECKE has in stock is another convincing argument for this decision.

A chance at a second life: Refurbishment

Give your batteries the chance for a second, extended life. Choosing refurbishment not only saves valuable resources, but also keeps your budget within limits. You can be sure of that: With the use of original spare parts and maintenance by our trained service personnel, your vehicles are always ready for operation. Of course, we will also take over your old batteries and chargers, which will be prepared for further use or professionally recycled by us.  Please ask us about this option - you will be surprised how well we still pay for your old equipment.

The HOPPECKE advantages at a glance

At HOPPECKE you can expect not only a wealth of experience with innovative energy solutions and committed contacts, we offer even more. Our service begins with our reliable delivery and collection service and does not end with the wide range of offers for short or long-term rental. Our offer includes batteries, chargers, exchange equipment and charging stations that you can rent from us. Particularly popular solutions - our "top sellers" - are also available very quickly: Ordered today, there tomorrow and in use is no empty promise with us, but the normal day-to-day business as we handle it for more and more customers in Germany. And for long-term rentals from 12 months, the annual overhaul is included. On request, our customers can also get a service contract (including water refill and surface cleaning) - it really doesn't get any more comfortable.

We are all over Europe. And always at your side

Whether you choose the advantages of renting or opt for a refurbishment solution is of course up to you. In any case, you can be sure that we are close to you: More than 200 service experts in 15 countries ensure that everything runs smoothly and your company is always up and running with full energy.

Call us at +49 2963 61 508, arrange a callback here or request your personal offer via rent(at)
Just how quickly HOPPECKE Service works is illustrated by an example, which HOPPECKE expert Michael Seemer describes:

"Last week we had a call from one of the largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse technology equipment. That was on Friday morning. Two batteries were urgently required at a customer in the Czech Republic. Until Monday. And it wasn't even a particularly common type of battery. So the question was, "Can you help us there?"
We could: Our Polish colleagues had the trays there and assembled the desired batteries on the same day, just as the customer had requested. The result: the delivery was on site in the Czech Republic on Monday afternoon and the forklift truck including batteries could be exported to Nigeria on schedule. This shows once again what speed and flexibility is possible with us. Whether our customers want to buy, rent or refurbish is not important for us, because thanks to our many subsidiaries, which are well connected to each other, we can always help professionally and without complications."