Together we will master the crisis - we are here for you!


Together we will master the crisis - we are here for you! - Monday, 06.04.2020

Together we will master the crisis - we are here for you!

The current coronavirus pandemic presents us with unprecedented challenges. Even in times of crisis, we are on your side as usual. We maintain production and supply chains and ensure that you can continue or resume operations. To this end, we have prepared a wide range of solutions for you.


Rent instead of buying - stay liquid and increase flexibility

In the current economic climate, our offer of short and long term rental of batteries and chargers can help you ensure liquidity. By renting instead of buying, you can act flexibly and quickly, while creating more opportunities for financial investments in your core business. Additional benefit: we take over any wear repairs that may be necessary throughout the rental period. This means that you do not incur any additional costs. www.hoppecke.com/de/hoppecke-world/energie-loesungen/energie-loesungen-kann-man-einkaufen-oder-mieten/


Investing without capital commitment

In the HOPPECKE ecomizer contract model, you only pay for energy and electricity consumed. Investments in traction batteries, chargers or stations are no longer necessary. Thanks to the full ecomizer service model, we monitor each of the batteries, ensure timely maintenance and preventive replacement: all without any initial costs or capital commitment. What's more: you can scale your investment in a short time if the company requires it. Learn more here: www.hoppecke.com/de/produkte/ecomizer/


Revitalizing batteries and using them longer

An old battery revitalization program can work wonders. Thanks to our renovation program, you can take old batteries in for regeneration or repair instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. This will save money, extend the life of old batteries and protect the environment at the same time. www.hoppecke.com/de/hoppecke-world/energie-loesungen/energie-loesungen-kann-man-einkaufen-oder-mieten/


Buy used batteries

Are the available resources limited in the current situation? With the HOPPECKE range of used batteries, you can minimize expenses and maintain logistics processes by buying used batteries. In this way, we can help you in the momentary economic imbalance.


Maximum use of time - improvement of the battery fleet

You will now lay the foundations for your business, use the time for maintenance and inspection of batteries and chargers. Our service technicians are well equipped and protected so that maintenance and repair work can be carried out as usual. You can contact our service team via the hotline +49 2963 61 591 or by email: service(at)hoppecke.com We are here for you!