Principles of the company

In order to outline the framework of responsibility more clearly, the following corporate principles have been established after comprehensive internal discussions between a large number of employees.     

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Principles of the company

Our corporate objectives are displayed to show our employees, business partners and the interested public how we view ourselves and our company and which intrinsic and values we follow.

We - that is - the employees, management and shareholders of HOPPECKE - are responsible together for keeping the company financially and legally independent. Only then we can shape our corporate policy along these objectives.

We want to meet our market requirements in a reliable, flexible, inno-vative and enthusiastic manner and establish a reputation as problem-solvers.

We are aware of the fact that our employees in our company are our most valuable asset for ensuring our company's continuing future and prosperity.

We accept our responsibilities to society and are prepared and willing to meet these challenges.

In order to outline the framework of responsibility more clearly, the following corporate principles have been established after comprehensive inter-nal discussions between a large number of employees.     

The first priority of our company is to continue to be financially and legally independent in order to be able to develop our company policy along the principles set out.

This can only be achieved if we can manage to achieve regular and constant optimal results. We will have achieved an optimal result when the rate of return on capital employed is markedly above the market interest rate.

Only this kind of return allows to create sufficient equity and thus ensure and sustain the company's growth and job security.

We can also strengthen our financial and legal independence by encouraging as many employees as possible to contribute to the company's total capital and thus share in the company's successes and risks.

The purpose of our company is to develop, produce and sell energy storage units, the corresponding power supply systems and the services related to them.

In meeting their demands we want to provide our customers with a reliable partner and problem solver and supply them with first-class products at competitive prices. Total flexibility is essential for this.

Together with our customers we plan innovations for the future.

With top performance in technology and sales, we are seeking to be the market leader in selected and new market segments.

We consider the employees in our company as the most valuable asset for ensuring our future.

Therefore, we are making every effort to prepare ourselves for the present and future corporate tasks and requirements. A systematic personnel development, programme transparency of information and communication, as well as possibilities for participation provide the framework for this.

It is our declared intent to create consciously changes in jobs and their contents, changes which are both flexible and tailored to the requirements recruit and promote from within wherever possible.

It is our declared intention to create a flexible working environment in co-operation with our employees. This will ensure that all times our jobs are tailored to the ever changing demands in our company. It is our policy to promote from within wherever possible.

We see our company as a key component of an open society based on democratic and free market principles.

The management welcomes participation by our employees, inside and outside the company for taking responsibility within the framework of our constitutional system outside their own job function.

We are responsible for using the resources entrusted to us with care, namely - people, capital, time, environment and raw materials - bearing in mind social aspects and the promotion of environmentally friendly processes, technologies and products.

The Future
We see HOPPECKE as a company which can secure its market position through its pro-active response in the face of constantly changing surroundings.

We must therefore constantly develop our skills and potentials further so that in the long term we can face up to the market development and meet the challenge of change.

We want to play a part in forming selected market segments in energy technology on a national and international level. We therefore pursue future-oriented research and development and market its results as products and technology.

Our provision for the future also focuses on constant personnel and organisational development.

An important factor to ensure the future of our company and its workforce is the willingness and ability of the employees to work to-gether plus competent leadership. We have therefore complemented the corporate principles with

Guidelines for cooperation and leadership.
It is absolutely essential that all supervisors and managers set an example and follow these guidelines. We all have the right to rely upon these.

June 1987 - Claus Zoellner

About the company

With its headquarters in Brilon, Hoppecke and 22 subsidiaries, representative offices, partners and distributors as well as production and assembly facilities worldwide, the HOPPECKE Group has more than 2,000 employees and generates turnover of over €430 million.

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