Battery maintenance best practice


Battery maintenance best practice - Monday, 01.08.2022

Safety is key. We’re committed to battery maintenance best practice. That’s why we’ve created three new videos. They provide step-by-step guidance on topping, charging and cleaning. In a nutshell, it’s about keeping warehouse operatives safe.



Actually, there’s more to it than that. Yes, correct operation and maintenance of lead-acid batteries reduces the risk of potential explosions. And protects against acid burns or fume inhalation. However, observing best practice also helps to secure expected battery performance. It can also extend battery life. As a result, customers maximise their investment.



Naturally, viewing these free videos is quick and easy. We’re using technology to put information at your fingertips. So, we now supply our batteries with a QR code. It’s on the label attached to our battery tanks. Alternatively, you’ll find it on a tag fitted to the top of the battery cells. Simply scan the code with smart phone/tablet to view safe practices.



Basically, this video explains when and how to top batteries. We look at single point filling systems and individual flip top ventilation caps. Everything from the use of topping equipment to appropriate PPE. The video also highlights the consequences of getting it wrong. Under or over-filling can cause significant problems. Check out our 5 commandments of battery filling.



Of course, correct operation is important. It’s part of battery maintenance best practice. A battery must receive a full charge after its shift. Problems can occur due to incomplete and opportunity charging of standard batteries. This video is devoted to battery charging. It looks at charging batteries on a truck. We also explain how to charge spare batteries. Check out our 8 commandments of battery charging.



As we know, dirt and dust can accumulate on top of a battery. This then gets damp from electrolyte gassing. The consequence? Poor performance. There’s also a potential risk of short-circuiting and battery explosion. So, it’s essential to keep the top of the battery clean. We highlight wearing appropriate PPE during this process. And show how to always dispose of liquids removed from a battery safely. Check out our video for advice on cleaning best practice.


Safety poster

As part of this initiative, there’s a new safety wall poster. It incorporates the QR code, providing access to the videos. Request the free poster via our web page or click the checkbox to request information on a full Hoppecke maintenance package.


Battery maintenance best practice

There’s no question, observing best practice protects employees. Meanwhile, businesses achieve expected performance and battery life. Make sure you get it right. Take a look at our new videos.