Battery-powered theatre sets


Battery-powered theatre sets - Friday, 18.03.2022

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Across a variety of sectors. Often, customers are looking for an innovative solution. So, we’re delighted to enter the world of theatre. We’re partnering with a firm that moves theatre sets.  

Watch the English National Opera here, with the battery-powered moving stage!

Battery-powered theatre sets 

Stage Products approached us about a battery solution. The intention was to add it to their stage product modular stage wheel system. This system powers theatre sets. Essentially, it moves them across the stage. Easily and quickly. Sometimes, this happens behind the scenes. Other times, it’s in full audience view. Once we understood the objective, our team got to work. We developed a bespoke enclosure to accommodate the battery and charger system in the space provided. 


Bespoke solution 

The 24v lead acid battery system incorporates onboard chargers. Everything is housed in a tray. It accommodates the whole package. Our battery system is the power source of Stage Products modular wheel system. This solution is decidedly flexible. It’s possible to deploy individual sets to the requirement, they can then move around the stage. 

No big drama 

We had no difficulty achieving the specification set out by Stage Products. Building the battery and charger system was the easy part. The challenge was doing it in a confined space. 


Musical theatre 

The first outing for the new battery and charger system? English National Opera’s production of HMS Pinafore. Check out the video.  


Working together 

Following this successful collaboration, we’ll be working together again. In a stand-alone partnership, Hoppecke is now Stage Products’ battery supplier for theatre sets.