Bespoke marine energy systems


Bespoke marine energy systems - Thursday, 30.03.2023

Hoppecke is developing its credentials in the UK’s marine sector. In 18 months we’ve supplied energy systems for 20 boats.  


Dutch-style barge 

Most recently, we completed our first project with Piper Boats. This Stoke-on-Trent family business specialises in bespoke Dutch-style barges. Typically, these crafts cruise canals, rivers, lakes and estuaries. However, they are also fully seaworthy. 


Classic design 

Piper Boats works to a proven, classic design. Quality raw materials are essential. Since 1969 the company has built more than 900 vessels at its 17,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Biddulph. 


Bespoke marine energy systems 

Once again, our role was to supply the energy system. This time the vessel was a high-end river cruiser. It’s purpose-designed for the UK market. Hobbs of Henley uses it as a corporate hire boat on the River Thames. Our solution was a 48v 5HPZS775 lead acid battery bank. It integrates with the boat’s 48v DC hybrid system designed and manufactured by A R Peachment of Norfolk. The hybrid system is combined with a Nanni engine, which delivers extra range and power during river flood conditions. 


Silent cruising  

Propulsion noise levels are an important consideration. Especially in the high-end charter business. Together, the Hoppecke energy bank and diesel engine offer up to three hours of silent cruising. We’re satisfied the boat won’t add noise or pollutants to the atmosphere.  



Certainly, the Dutch-style barge posed an interesting challenge. It’s wider and shorter than the narrowboats we’re familiar with. So the layout is quite different. The marine energy system fits into a confined space. It’s housed in a special container in the mid-deck area. 



So, how did this opportunity arise? The option to cruise in virtual silence was a prerequisite, as Hobbs of Henley specified a reliable energy source. Simon Piper, MD at Piper Boats, was aware of Hoppecke. Impressed by our reputation in the motive power sector, he deemed our batteries the best choice for a safe and trouble-free solution.  



Everyone is delighted with the end result. We look forward to developing our partnership with Piper Boats. In the meantime, Hoppecke is becoming better known amongst boatbuilders. We’ve completed various narrowboat projects with hybrid systems. Currently, several more marine energy systems are on order.