Customer support during the Covid crisis


Customer support during the Covid crisis - Wednesday, 28.04.2021

No question, it’s been a very challenging 12 months. Characterised by a significant market downturn. The motive power forklift batteries market dipped by 25%. How did we react? By keeping our focus on customer support during the Covid crisis.


Increased sales on forklift batteries

This helped us to buck the trend. We were able to grow our sales. By comparison with the 2019/20 financial year, sales are up by more than 15%.


Strategic planning

Of course, strategic planning proved to be key. It meant we were well-prepared for Brexit. And ensured a seamless transition. Following the trade deal with the European Union, it was business as usual.


Stock levels on forklift batteries

Maintaining stock levels of forklift batteries was invaluable. We avoided issues with delays at UK ports. The pay off?  Batteries and chargers were readily available. In a variety of sizes. Last December, thanks to these preparations, we hit our motive power batteries sales target. And then some. In fact, monthly sales were more than 200% above target. Customers enjoyed an uninterrupted supply. They are still benefitting.


Customer support during the Covid crisis

Overall however, our achievements are due to a team effort. To ensure customer support during the Covid crisis we pulled together. Everyone demonstrated a real commitment. So, thankfully, no redundancies. An an obvious boost to business stability. In fact, we employed an extra temporary worker in the warehouse. And we’re planning to recruit again.


Safety first

Throughout lockdowns and tiered restrictions our team kept going. Of course, we had to adapt. Employee safety was our top priority. So, we put in place all necessary measures. Some staff in administrative roles work remotely. But the production team is busy on site. The message is clear. We’re here for our customers. And ready to help.



Hopefully, the biggest Covid-19 challenges are behind us. Indeed, we’re optimistic about the future. Yes, we’re hoping for a less volatile 2021/22. Most importantly though, we look forward to a swift bounce back for those businesses most severely impacted by the virus. As ever, our focus is to support our customers.