Delivering better customer service


Delivering better customer service  - Monday, 08.08.2022

We’re busier than ever. As more businesses turn to us for support, the workload increases. So, we’re continuing to grow our warehouse and engineering teams. In addition, we’ve put in extra resource to support rail projects. Quite simply, it’s about delivering better customer service. 


Warehouse technicians 

Nick Hissey, Daniel Thurgod and Weston Coyney join us as warehouse technicians. Daniel and Weston both have more than 10 years’ warehousing and logistics experience. Nick is new to the industry, having spent 20+ years as a drayman. All are part of Operations and Supply Chain Manager Justin Herriman’s efficient team. 


Changing roles  

Furthermore, the new recruits fill a gap. Jason Harrison was a warehouse technician for four years. He excelled in the role and provided invaluable support to our engineering team. We’re always happy when opportunities for career progression arise. Congratulations to Jason, who’s now an engineer working in the rail side of the business. Based in London, he’s carrying out modifications to train batteries.  


Delivering better customer service 

These days, more customers want service contracts. Therefore, we’re boosting our preventative maintenance capability. Increasingly, our engineers also get involved in problem solving. As frontline contacts, they know the customer’s operation inside out. So, they can offer expert advice on the most cost-effective and practical solutions.  


New engineer 

With several years’ industry experience, Antonio Gallo joins us as a field service engineer. He’s particularly experienced in lithium ion. A key part of his role is taking care of existing batteries and chargers. However, he also helps customers make key decisions that will benefit their businesses. As do all of our engineers. The goal is to give customers the right level of support for their budget. 


Rail projects 

Meanwhile, rail continues to be an important growth area. So, welcome to Tayyab Mohammad, who assists Sales Manager Rail-UK, Paul Butchart. Twenty-four-year old Tayyab has a Masters degree in electrical engineering and is excited about forging a career in the battery industry. He’s also a mean forklift truck driver! 


Enhanced capabilities 

Growing the team at our Staffordshire hub is key to pour success. It means we can do so much more. First, we can meet growing demand for MHE batteries and chargers. Whether you use forklifts, PPTs or reachtrucks, we can help. Alternatively, call us if you need LLOP, VNA or tow tractor batteries and chargers.  


Peace of mind 

Thanks to 24/7 technical support, customers enjoy peace of mind. It’s not only a question of emergency assistance. We also tailor service contracts to meet individual needs and budgets.  


Rail sector 

In the rail sector technology is advancing. Battery-powered trains are the future. So, we’re putting our expertise to the test. It means working in partnership with rolling stock operators to develop practical, cost-effective solutions.  


Overall aim 

With more resources, we can achieve our overall aim. Ultimately, it’s about delivering better customer service.