Helping to keep supply chains moving during COVID-19


  • Helping to keep supply chains moving during COVID-19 - Thursday, 26.03.2020
  • Helping to keep supply chains moving during COVID-19 - Thursday, 26.03.2020
  • Helping to keep supply chains moving during COVID-19 - Thursday, 26.03.2020

At Hoppecke many of customers are in the food, manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors. Clearly as we enter the peak of the coronavirus pandemic supply chains are vital. Supermarket shelves need restocking as soon as they are filled. Production and delivery of medical equipment becomes an urgent priority. Consequently there are unprecedented pressures on supply chains.  


Batteries are essential

Electric-powered vehicles undertake much of the work of moving goods, so motive and industrial batteries are now essential to keeping the UK moving. We are working hard to ensure our production and supply of batteries across motive power, rail and reserve power can meet demand. We know how difficult it will be to predict requirements in this great time of uncertainty. So we aim to remain as flexible as possible to cope with unexpected surges and changes in demand.


Hoppecke is prioritising production

We have made some essential changes to prioritise production in the UK and across Europe. This means that we have considerable stock both in Germany and at our UK headquarters in Staffordshire. So we are able to offer quick turnaround for our customers’ urgent power requirements - whether that be sale or rental.


Our engineers are working hard to keep you running

Undoubtedly, electric fleets will be working harder than ever now. This means that regular service and maintenance becomes even more important in maintaining reliability and uptime. Our field service team are still travelling the length and breadth of the country to service our customers’ fleets. We just ask that you give them the space they need to work safely in your building.


Business as usual

In order to prioritise staff safety and wellbeing, and to comply with the government’s larger safety mandate, all our office-based staff are now working from home. Your customer support contacts can still be contacted in the normal ways, and will be as responsive as possible.  In addition, our sales teams are all working from home and are available by phone, email or online conferencing if needed.


Rail support

We currently have high demand for new and refurbished batteries in the rail network, as reserve power or for hybrid or battery-powered trains. So our train battery team is working hard at our Stoke depot.


Key points to remember

  • All our office based staff are now working from home. 
  • Our Sales team are also all working from home, and available by phone and email.
  • Our Field Service team is still running with good availability across the UK. We continue to support manufacturing, food, distribution and retail customers.
  • Please give our engineers the space needed, to safely work in your building.
  • In our Stoke workshop, the team are keeping their safe distances, and we have a no visitor policy in place.
  • In Germany our factories are in production, and transport is running well.
  • Our considerable UK stock is available for any urgent needs, either sale or rental.


Working with you

As your energy partner, we will do all we can to help you keep your business functioning during these difficult times. Call us today on 01782 667 306 to talk through the challenges you are facing, and rest assured we will work with you to arrive at a cost-effective solution.