Hoppecke batteries power boats


Hoppecke batteries power boats  - Monday, 02.05.2022

In logistics we’re known for our expertise in industrial batteries. We’re also specialists in rail and UPS systems. Increasingly, however, our batteries power an ever-broader range of machinery, equipment and vehicles. In fact, Hoppecke batteries power boats! 


Diesel-electric hybrid engines 

We’re delighted to partner Isle of Wight-based Hybrid Marine. Its expertise lies in diesel-electric hybrid boat engines. Boatbuilders then use this technology in new, custom-built boats. It means they can supply a complete solution. The hybrid engine’s big advantage? It delivers improvements in energy efficiency whilst also reducing emissions.  


Special project 

Recently, we collaborated on a special project. It was Hybrid Marine’s 100th system in conjunction with diesel engine manufacturer Beta Marine. Ultimately, Braidbar Boats fitted the system to a canal boat. Braidbar is the UK’s leading supplier of narrowboats with a diesel-electric hybrid engine.  


48v battery pack 

Fundamentally, our role was to develop the power unit. We created a 48v lead acid battery pack. It comprises 24 cells with a  capacity of 775 Ah. Cells and other components come out of stock. Then, we build and install batteries at the boatyard. First, Hybrid Marine connects the diesel engine to its hybrid propulsion system. Next, it links our batteries. The final stage is commissioning of the complete system. 


Hoppecke batteries power boats 

So, a hybrid drive offers two ways to drive the boat’s propeller. One is by the engine, using fuel such as diesel. Alternatively, the system uses stored energy from the battery bank with the engine stopped. When the engine is running, the extra load of the hybrid generator makes the engine operate with higher efficiency. This ensures better fuel economy. And creates fewer emissions. With batteries charged the hybrid switches to emission-free electric drive.  


Powering domestic appliances 

The hybrid system offers another key benefit. Through a large inverter the battery provides enough energy to power all typical domestic appliances. Consequently, most craft can eliminate gas.  


Greener waterways  

These days, we’re all more conscious of climate change. Specifically, our impact on the environment. Boat owners are keen to reduce pollution across our waterways. So are boat industry stakeholders. Innovative hybrid drive technology represents a cost-effective solution. It offers significant economic and environmental advantages. Importantly, all this can be achieved without spoiling the boating experience.