HOPPECKE PROFILE - Antonio Gallo, Field Service Engineer


HOPPECKE PROFILE - Antonio Gallo, Field Service Engineer  - Monday, 01.08.2022

How long have you worked at Hoppecke? 

Just a few months. However, I moved to Hoppecke from another battery company and have been in this industry for six years, gaining significant experience in lithium ion. As a service engineer, I not only carry out routine preventative maintenance on existing batteries and chargers, but also get involved in problem solving, helping customers to achieve the best outcome for their operation. 


What attracted you to this industry? 

I really like the variety. Every day is different. I was previously a self-employed builder and am used to dealing with people and problem-solving. Also, this industry is the future. Products and applications continue to develop, which keeps you on your toes, and technological advances interest me.  

How did your upbringing influence your life choices? 

I’ve always been inquisitive. As a child, whenever I received toys for my birthday it wasn’t long before I’d dismantled them. My mother probably despaired, especially as I couldn’t always put them back together! The important thing though, was that I’d found out how the toys worked. I suppose I had a thirst for knowledge from a very young age. 


If you had the chance to go on the road trip of a lifetime, and could only bring four people with you (living/dead, real/fictional), who would they be and where would you be going? 

Since I love sushi, it’s my ambition to visit Japan! I’d go to China, too. I’m intrigued by the contrast between culture and heritage and cities that never sleep, like Tokyo and Beijing. They are like two sides of a coin. I’d take my wife and two children along for the ride, although the kids are too young to appreciate what would be an amazing experience. 


What single quality do you think has contributed to your success? 

The ability to adapt and overcome. I enjoy the challenge of finding a solution to a customer’s problem. In part, it’s that thirst for knowledge again, coupled with a determination to learn, improve my skills and do a better job. 


What secret ambitions/talents do you have? 

I’m fluent in Italian. I suppose it comes with the territory as my father is Italian. I’m keen to learn other languages, such as Mandarin. It would also be good to speak German with Hoppecke colleagues in Brilon. I’m committed to career progression and aim to move into management and perhaps sales.   


What keeps you getting up and doing this every morning? 

Of course, it’s important to provide for my family.  That said, I relish a new challenge every day and have an aptitude for problem solving. It’s really rewarding to help a customer make an important decision that will benefit their business over the long term. 


What do you do to relax or have fun? 

I’m what you’d call an outdoorsy type and enjoy rugby, cycling and surfing, although with a young family I have less time for sport these days. We’ve recently bought a touring caravan, so it’s fun to get away at weekends and for short breaks. I also like to meet up with friends for the occasional UK-based golf trip, as I’m always trying to improve my handicap! 


What advice do you have for others, maybe younger people, in this industry? 

Put the time in. There’s a lot to learn and you can’t do it overnight. However, make the commitment, adopt the right attitude and stay patient, and you’ll find it’s definitely worthwhile.