Hoppecke to showcase innovation in battery technology at Railtex 2019


  • Hoppecke to showcase innovation in battery technology at Railtex 2019 - Thursday, 02.05.2019
  • Hoppecke to showcase innovation in battery technology at Railtex 2019 - Thursday, 02.05.2019

Thanks to technological innovation to provide an efficient and reliable power supply, the future for fully battery-powered passenger rail transport looks bright. On stand F60 at Railtex Hoppecke will focus on the advantages of battery energy storage to provide power when it is required to power trains. Battery storage power is required to compliment hydrogen-powered trains and bio-fuel/electric hybrids.

The company will emphasise its capabilities in the rail sector, in particular, demonstrating the benefits of its lithium-ion batteries, which are characterised by high energy and power density, a high cycle life for both full and partial cycles and extremely low self-discharge.

Hoppecke UK's managing director Jon Bailey says: "Cost-effective and reliable rail transport is a must if we want to promote mobility as a catalyst for business development, employment and inward investment. Moreover the UK government is committed to phasing out diesel trains by 2040, to meet environmental targets, and a big question mark remains over the electrification of lines. Everyone agrees that everything will be electric.

"As the UK sets about tackling these issues, there is an increasing demand for battery energy storage systems, whether on board trains or by the trackside. Thanks to our strong relationships with the major OEMs we're able to maximise our product offering and technical support capabilities to take advantage of opportunities in this sector."

A world leader in the integration of battery systems for rail, Hoppecke continues to raise the bar - setting ever higher standards for product performance and reliability matched by unrivalled service support. Its energy solutions offer high levels of operational flexibility and maximum safety irrespective of the conditions, even during times of peak demand.

Working closely with customers to meet specific requirements, Hoppecke offers the optimum solution for the application for all technologies, including high current lead components, NiCad FNC (fibre structure nickel), FNH (Nickel Metal Hydride) and lithium-ion. Solutions are customised to include everything from product supply coupled with engineering support and warranty management to a complete package comprising a customised premium system plus full service support to guarantee energy availability. 

Partnering with Vivarail, Hoppecke Industrial Batteries was instrumental in the launch of the UK's first battery-powered passenger train, designing and integrating batteries to power the Class 230 trains. Vivarail also utilises Hoppecke's ground-breaking Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), which stores electrical energy as part of its patented fast-charging system and, when the train comes into a station, pumps 1MW of energy in just eight minutes - providing sufficient power to recharge the train battery for a 65-mile range. 

Jon adds: "Our partnerships with forward-thinking businesses like Vivarail extend across the globe and reinforce how our latest generation lithium-ion products are ideally suited to providing the rapid charging required for battery-powered rail journeys both today and into the future."

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries is the largest battery manufacturer in European ownership. In the UK, as well as being an expert in energy storage for railways and metro systems, Hoppecke is active in energy storage solutions for mobile traction equipment, secured power supply and renewables.