Hoppecke UK registers strong motive power battery sales


Hoppecke UK registers strong motive  power battery sales - Thursday, 11.02.2021

Uncertain trading in Europe post-Brexit and Covid-19. They have certainly taken their toll on the motive power batteries market. It’s down around 25% for the year to date. However, against this challenging backdrop, we remain positive. In December 2020 strong motive power battery sales saw us exceed target by over 200%.


Strong motive power battery sales

Off the back of a busy Christmas business levels remain buoyant. Orders for January and February are well ahead of projections. What’s more, we’re seeing exceptional demand for our rail products.


Coping with Covid-19

Overall, we’re coping well with the coronavirus restrictions. Yes, some of our employees are working remotely. It doesn’t mean you can’t get help. Our production team is on site and at full strength. We take all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.


Uncertain post-Brexit trade

Of course, uncertainties remain. Some businesses are finding EU trade difficult. For us, months of Brexit planning is paying dividends. Last autumn, over several weeks, we increased our stock levels. As a result, we avoided delays at UK ports prior to Christmas 2020. There was no adverse impact on customer service. Ultimately, the move translated into strong motive power battery sales.


Customers come first

Looking after customers is our priority. We retain our entire team, which gives us stability. In fact, we’ve even been recruiting. An extra temporary staff member has joined our warehouse operation. Since 1 January 2021 it’s been business as usual.


Positive outlook

Despite the challenges of the past year, our outlook is positive. All staff are focused on the job in hand. The mood is upbeat. Hoppecke is committed to battery assembly, sales, rental, refurbishment and servicing in the UK for the long term. Thanks to our team’s efforts we are seeing strong motive power battery sales. We look to the future with renewed confidence.