Hoppecke UK Top Profile - Gareth McCorkell


Hoppecke UK Top Profile - Gareth McCorkell - Thursday, 25.02.2021

Gareth McCorkell - Account Manager



How long have you worked at Hoppecke?

I have been with Hoppecke for 5 years now and I am currently looking after specific accounts and based from the South. I’ve been in this role since April 2019 but prior to that I was a service engineer and that served me well for my current role. Much of what service engineers do is about customer service and advising customers on what they need to do. It is all about good communication and a consultative sell. Understanding how the Product you are selling works is a big help.


What attracted you to this industry?

Prior to Hoppecke I had been a fork truck engineer within the materials handling sector. I worked for a small independent lift truck company and I did my original apprenticeship as an HGV mechanic. So, engineering has been something I have been involved in since leaving school.

How did your upbringing influence your life choices?

If I think about it, I have had my head inside engines for as long as I can remember! I was and still am into motocross. I got my first bike when I was 8 years old and working with my Dad who helped me fix my own bikes. Motocross takes huge commitment, drive and stamina. I did quite well, achieving a reasonable standard racing some major championships across Britain. I got to travel a lot and went to other countries to ride on different occasions. I learnt to get on with all kinds of different people so developed good communication skills. I built some lasting friendships until I stopped when I was 20 when injuries started hurting more than they did in my younger days. I was always repairing my own bikes, and most of this was self-taught. I found it so interesting; that’s why I went on to do an apprenticeship as a mechanic.


Who has been a big influence on your career?

 was brought up getting involved in repairing things, so I would have to say my Dad for giving me that can-do attitude.


What single quality do you think has contributed to your success?

It’s hard to think of one single quality, I think there are a couple. Commitment is up there. You must want to succeed. I learnt that from motocross. I am good at making sure everything is done as I have promised and keeping up to date on where things are. Efficiency comes into it: keeping on top of things and making sure things are in motion. But you can only achieve that by working as a team. It comes back to communication again. I try to make sure that I am approachable, I think that is so vital for a good relationship. If you are easy to get along with and understand, people are going to enjoy working with you more. I always believe there are two sides to every story and listening and being open are important.

What secret ambitions/talents do you have?

My ambition is to get back on a bike, but this time do it for some fun, when you’re doing it for the prize it can end up taking over. I would just like to turn up and have fun. Not sure on the talent!   


What keeps you getting up and doing this every morning?

I look forward to meeting and speaking to new people. In this job you get to travel about and see different places – well, when we are not in Covid-19 restrictions anyway! It is a privilege to get to do that. Hoppecke also encourages independence and autonomy and whilst there is a responsibility with that, it is very empowering. People say I am an easy-going person and resilient. I enjoy the new challenges it brings day to day.


What do you do to relax or have fun?

I spend time with my family and catching up with friends and family, whether that be stood in a wet/muddy field watching bikes or at a restaurant. Of course, the pandemic has stopped a lot of that sadly. But it won’t be forever. It gives us something to look forward to. I also have a young boy who I enjoy watching grow, who knows, “he has his first bike on standby”


What advice do you have for others, maybe younger people, in this industry?

Keep working at what you are doing and see every day as a learning day. If you have an opportunity to progress in the company you work for, “take it”. Soon enough you will be one of those with experience to pass on. Never worry about asking questions, you will not get anywhere without asking and being curious and learning from mistakes.