Hoppecke UK’s strong results in 2022-23

Hoppecke UK’s strong results in 2022-23  - Tuesday, 27.06.2023

It’s been another busy and very successful 12 months. The team pulled together to deliver Hoppecke UK’s strong results in 2022-23. We achieved 130% of our turnover target. Plus, we grew our customer base in all areas, including boat batteries for hybrid systems, and ESS commissioning. 


Developing our team 

Demand for our products and services remains very strong. We’re doing more business with existing customers. Also, we’re winning plenty of new accounts. Therefore, we’re continuing to build our team to meet your needs. To help deliver Hoppecke UK’s strong results in 2022-23 we recruited field service engineers and warehouse technicians. We also welcomed a new member of the rail team. Most recently, a field service engineer, warehouse operative and administrative assistant joined the business. Numbering 64, our team is 16% bigger than in 2021-22. 



Increasingly, customers ask us to arrange their MHE fleet maintenance. With cost-optimised service contracts, you get the best deal for your operation. It’s based on the level of support you need. What’s more, we have one of the UK’s largest directly employed engineering teams. So, you can rely on us to keep your fleet on the move.   


Energy audit 

Naturally, we want you to get the best out of your trucks. Considering switching to electric? We’ll show you how much you could save. Ask us about a free energy audit.  



Our rental offer remains extremely popular. More and more logistics businesses appreciate the benefits of hiring in batteries and chargers. It’s all about accessing extra power when you want it. Typically, we deliver within four working days. Contracts range from just a few weeks to several months. We tailor-make them to meet specific requirements. So, you’re in the driving seat.   


Best practice 

As ever, battery maintenance is vital to maintaining fleet performance. We’re committed to promoting best practice. That’s why we created three new videos to highlight how best to go about topping, charging, and cleaning. 


New products 

First, there was the trak uplift quadro. Purpose designed batteries for heavy materials handling operations. Next, a new battery management system arrived. Trak collect enhances operational safety and promotes increased productivity. It’s the most intelligent battery controller on the market today. Now, we’re introducing a space saving charger. The trak HF giant charges up to eight lead acid batteries simultaneously.  Meanwhile, thanks to a rapid charging capability, it achieves up to 95% state of charge in just 2.5 hours!  



Yes, we’re delighted with Hoppecke UK’s strong results in 2022-23. That said, we’re investing for the future. Attractive staff salary/benefit packages are a priority. However, we’re also committed to improving working conditions. So, last year we installed a new heating/air conditioning system and painted the building inside and out. We also installed an electric vehicle charging point with more to follow. Plus, we’re expanding our vehicle fleet with EVs to accelerate the changeover from fossil fuels. 


Marine sector 

In 2022-23 we supplied bespoke energy systems for 20 boats. We’re developing key relationships with boatbuilders. They rely on us for a safe and trouble-free solution. Currently, several more marine energy systems are on order. 



Certainly, the rail sector remains as busy as ever. Our team is developing contracts with rolling stock operators. We will attend several industry events in 2023-24. Again, the aim is to capitalise on the opportunities on offer. Not least, we intend to build contacts and cement relationships. 


Building on achievements 

So, we enter 2023-24 full of enthusiasm. We’re keen to build on these achievements. Our aim is to continue to grow the business. There will be more new products and initiatives along the way. However, customer support remains a priority. With improved resources, we can deliver even better service.