improved battery management with Trak Collect


improved battery management with Trak Collect - Tuesday, 25.04.2023

It always pays to safeguard your investment in MHE. Especially in the current climate. One way to achieve this is through improved battery management. Our Trak Collect controller delivers on many fronts. It enhances operational safety and promotes increased productivity. The only system to display state of usage as well as state of readiness, Trak Collect is the most intelligent battery controller on the market today.  



As you’d expect, Trak Collect suits a variety of industrial applications. The unit is purpose-designed for use with lead-acid batteries. So, it’s ideal for forklift trucks. It’s well-suited to special purpose vehicles. You can use it with cleaning equipment, too.  


Battery state 

Trak Collect measures battery state in real time. It records all important variables. Therefore, checking voltage, current, temperature and electrolyte levels is easy. Quite simply, the unit ensures full transparency at all times. 


Improved battery management 

Fundamentally, Trak Collect has the ability to optimise systems. This contributes to increased economic efficiency and supports investment planning. Further benefits include greater operational flexibility and improved truck availability. Fleet managers like predictive maintenance capabilities. Planning truck downtime minimises the impact on productivity. Meanwhile, information about remaining driving time ensures trucks are used to maximum effect. 



Once connected to a battery, Trak Collect checks operational readiness. This is a key diagnosis of the battery’s status. Providing improved battery management, it also leads to better vehicle fleet management. The unit captures full and medium battery voltage along with charging and discharge current. You can easily check battery temperature and electrolyte filling level. With this data the Trak Collect answers three key questions. State of charge (SOC), state of usage (SOU) and state of readiness (SOR). The unit shows current profile. Plus, you can access charged and discharged ampere-hours and watt-hours.  



Importantly, Trak Collect saves data. This is useful for local reporting. Equally, it supports data transfer to a central remote-monitoring system. Generating reports is easy using a software interface. Typically, reports include cycle runs of all relevant values. Choose state of charge, voltage or Ah flow rate graphics, for instance. You’ll find all exceptional results in a chronological listing. Alternatively, opt for fleet reports that summarise individual data. 



Amalgamating fleet and location data, Trak Collect offers genuine flexibility. The unit is easy to install on all PzS and PzB batteries. Retrofitting on site to an existing fleet is also an option. Permanently affixed, the controller simplifies data evaluation throughout the battery’s life. 



Of course, not all businesses buy in batteries. Yet, those preferring to rent will reap the benefits, too. Trak Collect highlights incorrect treatment, such as deep discharge or temperature warning. Accessing battery usage and state of health statements is simple. Plus, it’s easy to anticipate required maintenance. These key benefits all serve to protect rental investment. 


Battery pool 

So, what about businesses that operate a battery pool? Here again, Trak Collect is a useful tool. For example, indication of improper use could signal a training requirement. Deployment analysis and planning are invaluable. As is maintenance instruction. All help to improve operational safety. Meanwhile, residual value data supports replacement battery planning. 


Automatic battery identification 

Truck manufacturers (OEMs) also benefit from using Trak Collect. Automatic battery identification (for correct charging) helps to protect both battery and truck. Information about kWh/Ah used provides a vehicle load profile. Remaining driving time data facilitates drive mode optimisation. Again, a clear indication of improper use is vital. Information about forthcoming maintenance needs can act as a sales tool.  



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