Maintaining production and service in the UK


Maintaining production and service in the UK - Wednesday, 18.03.2020

Worldwide, Covid-19 is resulting in unprecedented challenges and is testing our resilience as businesses and people. In the UK, we at Hoppecke are taking some important steps to ensure that our customers get as normal a service as possible. We are resilient and rest assured we are working hard to keep you up and running. 


Here are some of the things we are doing:


  • - We are working hard to deliver as normal a service as possible.
  • - Our superb engineer team is working normally to keep customers up and running – if you have an engineer visit please give him some extra space and minimise     everyone’s contact.
  • - Our sales team are all working from home, and are available for advice.
  • - In our office we are moving more people to work from home, reducing travel and the potential spread.
  • - Our warehouse and assembly team are taking steps to distance themselves, while maintaining production in the UK.
  • - Our Factories in Germany are working normally, stock levels are good, and transport is running.


We hope that our customers and contacts are remaining calm whilst taking the right actions to keep their businesses running. And remember, if you have a battery or charger problem, we can help!