Natalie Bailey - Admin Manager, Sales & Service


  • Natalie Bailey - Admin Manager, Sales & Service - Wednesday, 28.07.2021
  • Natalie Bailey - Admin Manager, Sales & Service - Wednesday, 28.07.2021


How long have you worked at Hoppecke?

It’s a long story! I worked here even before I worked here, having worked on this site with Johnson Batteries. It was my sister who worked in service for Hoppecke who mentioned a job coming up. So overall it has been 16 years and I cannot believe it. I didn’t choose batteries, they chose me. I have been working in this industry for nearly 20 years now, that is most of my adult life!


What attracted you to this industry?

I started at the bottom in a very junior position. But that way you learn a lot. Everyday is never the same in this industry, there are always new challenges and something different to learn. I like to challenge myself. In this company you get to work with some great people, knowledgeable people. And, of course, we have had some really good times. Hopefully, they will come back soon.

How did your upbringing influence your life choices?

My mum and dad encouraged our independence. I suppose I learnt that if I wanted something I had to work for it. It wasn’t strict, and I am grateful for that ethic they instilled in me. We learnt that nothing was free, and you had to put something in. And they were lovely in so many ways; whatever we managed to save they would contribute on top.


If you had the chance to go on the road trip of a lifetime, and could only bring four people with you (living/dead, real/fictional), who would they be and where would you be going?

I would go back in time to the 50s. I love that era. And Marilyn Monroe would be there for sure, I have had a fascination with her since I was very small. We would be taking a trip across the States, somewhere I have never been, Seattle perhaps. We would have Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Grace Kelly for company. I love the style, class and glamour of that era, and the music of course. We would drink cocktails, listen to music and dance!

What single quality do you think has contributed to your success?

Working hard and not giving up. I am no quitter but take a pragmatic view of life. I couldn’t go to university and had to jump straight into a job. But it has been good for me; I am good in a team, have a broad mind and am able to work with many different personalities.

What secret ambitions/talents do you have?

I did tap and ballet dancing for 20 years and recently went back to where my son goes for street dance lessons and joined the adult class. During lockdown this has been a lifeline. Instagram is great, I have access to half hour classes which I do at lunchtimes at home to break up the day. I’ve also discovered that I can see into the future. I recently came across an old schoolbook and in 1992 predicted that someday cars would not be fuelled by petrol, but would instead run on batteries!


What keeps you getting up and doing this every morning?

I think I would have to say the variety. You get to meet so many different people and face different challenges every day. And the money of course!


What do you do to relax or have fun?

My husband and I love theatre and I love musicals. Walking the dog, going on holiday and also going to concerts and eating out when we can.


What advice do you have for others, maybe younger people, in this industry?

Work hard and dream big. And listen to advice. Older people have more experience and wisdom to share and there is often something to learn from them so take the time to listen.