New Health Station to Protect Your Employees from COVID-19


New Health Station to Protect Your Employees from COVID-19 - Tuesday, 21.04.2020

Whilst we enter the fifth week of COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, many businesses are still operating. Even if this is on a reduced capacity, you still need to protect your employees. If you are operating a warehouse and have regular visits from delivery drivers you may be struggling with how to do this. 


Easy to assemble protection

With our new health station you can protect your employees from coronavirus infection. It is cost effective and easy to assemble and we have immediate stocks in our UK depot in Staffordshire. This plastic station creates a safe area for working within 2m, protecting front line workers from contagion.

This can be useful for any company that receives visitors or incoming deliveries into isolating areas. And will protect any personnel who have to interact with them. 


Post lockdown preparation

As we start to think about moving beyond lockdown we need to think about the future safety and ease of working for our employees as they return to work. This type of station is an important control measure to ensure protection for all against cross infection from COVID-19, or any other virus. It's never been more important to demonstrate to your employees that you care and are putting their safety first.


Adaptable for other uses

We can easily adapt this station for other uses such as driver isolation or counter top working. Beyond the current lockdown we will need to have measures in place for safe working, so make sure you are ready now.


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